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Sunday, June 01, 2008


~ Alec & Patrick the Starfish - An Intimate Moment ~

I was reading my blog last week and I couldn't help laughing. Like the words don't belong to me and I was seeing them for the first time.

It finally dawned on me that I haven't been blogging for centuries.

Anyway, what really got me blogging again was this:

Alec and Patrick

I thought this photo was so damn funny, I MUST share it with somebody!!! Hee Hee. It was taken at California Seaworld and Patrick the Starfish's face was photoshopped by Alec Ong himself. Super FUNNY!!! We were both tearing when we did the photoshop.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


~ Vietnam Hanoi Training Trip Part 3 ~

Dearest Diary,

Poor Alec is on guard duty today so I finally have the time to wake up late, sweep the floor, tidy my desk, and blog!

OK. Where was I. Oh yes, Vietnam Trip. That happened in Oct. Oh Shit. I can't believe I'm still blogging about things that happened 3 months back. Better buck up.

The Training

Wow, the Vietnamese participants were like super-absorbent sponges. Unlike Singaporeans (especially Public Officers) who are often overtrained, the Vietnamese were really really appreciative of all the training that we gave. They were thirsty for knowledge and participated seriously and actively in every single activity and discussion, and were surprisingly open and candid in sharing about their own administration system in Vietnam. They religiously took down notes, asked for slides, thought through what we shared and were proactive in discussing about how they would translate our reforms and apply onto theirs. They loved all the insights and constantly thanked us for all the sharing. Gosh, I felt so appreciated, I was on the verge of tears.

Here they are! They made me a lovely Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese Dress, as farewell gift. Everyone agreed I looked like a Vietnamese girl and one even suggested that I marry a Vietnamese man so our Vietnamese kid will become a future leader who is good at public admin reforms. LOL.Anyway, I wouldn't want to wear a Ao Dai for life. I guess I did look remotely like an hour-glass in my Ao Dai, but really, I was horribly suffocating in it. The dress was made to fit me exact exactly so much so I couldn't sit down without bursting the buttons. And I had to loosen the zip on my pants after eating a tiny sandwich for lunch. Really squeezed all the fats out of me. I felt like a Ba Zang unfortunately wrapped in 2 pieces of banana leaves that are too small to house all the meaty fillings and chestnuts inside. Eeeks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Shopping

And so you thought there wasn't any shopping for me to do in Hanoi, didn't u? Well, u can't be more wrong! Hohoho. My favourite buy was this cutesy pinky mao1 mao1 bag and pouch. They're really cheap! The pouch is about $2 and the bag is only $4.50. Four dollars and Fifty Cents. The bag is retailing at a bloody $39.90 in those push carts! I love it loads. I have a serious impulse to visit Vietnam again just to lug all the mao1 mao1 stuff home.

The Adidas cylindrical shoe bag is really practical! The colour combi is nice and Alec said the stitching at the corner looks really cool. $6 nia. Cheap dao siao! I've been lugging all my gym barang in it for 3 months and it still looks as good as new!

Pretty dragonflies and handphone pouches! All the flowers on the pink pouch have already fallen off. Sniff. Alec managed to retrieve one of the many flowers, and it is still carefully placed on the dashboard in front of the speedometer in his car. He hands me that tiny flower whenever I ask for flowers. Wails. The scarf and pashmina are really lovely! Logen wanted to pay for that brown pashmina but I refused to let him. I told him I didn't think it would be good idea that I'd be be reminded of him whenever I put my pashmina on. Don't ask me why I'm still one of Logen's favourite girls in office. Hahahaha.

The really nice lady who went shopping with me is called Chung, the one in purple Ao Dai in one of the photos above. We took neoprints for remembrance! You should have seen how her eyes were popping out when she saw the way I shopped!

The Food in Hanoi
Like how the Chinese can't live without rice, Pho (pronounced as 'fur') is the traditional Vietnamese Noodle that the
Vietnamese eat almost everyday. Pho is similar to very very fine kway teow and soup base tastes of tasty thick beef broth. The Vietnamese take loads of beef and seafood like fish and prawns were really rare.

We found this really nice and surprisingly cheap Al fresco dining area that was near our hotel on the third day. It's something like Marche but it's semi open air. Can't remember the name but I think it sounded like Nonh or something. So that was where all the locals hang out! You can get noodles, fried tofu, chee cheong fun, you tiao, and drinks, all for less than $4 per person. The chee cheong fun look-a-like thingy was stuffed with chicken, mushroom and dried shrimps. I think it was $1.80 per plate. Yummy Yummy.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Sight-seeing

Our participants brought us around on their bikes, which was again, very very kind of them! The Puppet Show was really cool but I don't have any photos of them cos the theatre was too dark.

Old Quarters

Here's where all the shopping are!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Vietnam's First University

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I almost didn't want to come home... ...!

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Monday, January 08, 2007


~ Nintendo DS Lite in PINK! ~

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy birthday to MEEEE,
Happy Birthday to ME!!!

TA DA!!!

That's (part of) my be-early birthday pressie from my oh-so-handsome-and-cute-and-sweet-and-damn-he's-going-to-be-so-penniless-next-month-when-his-credit-card-bill-comes Alec!!! It's totally Pink! Blends well with my blog theme. And it's totally Me. *smirk*

SUPER MARIO!!! Is the most handsome man in the world. He's short, fat, cute, and keeps a sexy moustache. See that hideous man in yellow? He's called Wario. Alec insisted it's pronounced as Wah-rio and I was sure it's War-io. Well, we did agree that we used to call Luigi "Lugi" which sounded so much better.

Haven't been updating my blog cos I've been really occupied with Vietnam Trip, China Trip, Phuket Trip, Our 5 yrs Anni, Alec's birthday, Christmas, New Year, Rebonding Blues, and now MY BIRTHDAY which is happening in let's see... 9 days time!!! I can't wait to find out the plans that my ISFP (Alec's MBTI Profile - characterised as being artistic, aloof and indifferent) have in store for me! (I can't wait to see if he has ANY to begin with. *snort*)

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Monday, December 04, 2006


~ X) Half Marathon and Full House! ~

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dearest Diary,

Last year, I blogged about how my disgustingly sweet Alec waited for me to complete my 10km race. How patient of him! This year, he was running right next to me as we ran the half marathon. 21 KILOMETERS. Is damn bloody far.

Pre-race- we were getting a bit annoyed as we tried to loosen the chip which alec had tied too tightly around my wrist. Then I squealed and made him tie it at my shoes.

As the race started - Wow EVERYONE is RUNNING! We intended to walk but got motivated to run really fast!

At the 3km mark - We've ran for a REALLY LONG time. I thought we passed 3km just now? 18km more to go. Oh mi gosh.

5km - I was really really tired. "Shall we walk?" I asked, exasperated. Alec said no.

8km - "We're here to recee the 21km race this year! Let's do the real thing next year!" I proposed. Err no comments from Alec.

10km - "I think next year we pei mummy run 10km ok?" Alec suggested.

11km - Alec had blisters in his toes. We started to walk...

12km - Wow BANANAS!!!!! What a pleasant surprise! =) With a bottle of mineral water safely tugged under our arms, a cup of 100 plus on one hand, and a banana on the other hand, we did look a bit yao gui but we were beginning to enjoy every minute of it! The ground looked really dangerous though - it was wet with banana skins, bottles and cups littered all over. I think Alec cracked a joke about runners slipping over banana skins and somehow, I started breaking into uncontrollable laughing fits. I just couldn't stop and my banana started to spill out of my mouth onto my trustee white hanky, which I must hold every time I run. And when Alec said something about hallucination, it got really out of hand. Then I used my white hanky (the same one that was smeared with banana) to wipe away my tears.

13km - I started to motivate myself by looking forward to the next 100 plus station. 8km to go. 21 km is really really long.

15km - We were half running and walking. Alec's toes were really painful. I promise we would have recorded a much better timing if not for those blisters!

18 km - 3 km more! And Alec's toes got really bad. He couldn't even walk properly. I persuaded him to put on my plasters (which he had carefully hidden in his secret pocket inside his shorts). The ungrateful guy then complained that it made the pain worse cos the plaster was too thick. "You scold meee!" I squealed. Then he said he felt a bit better after he got used to the plaster.

20km - "Swee! Let's run the last 1km!!!" Alec exclaimed. Then he sped off and kept looking behind, giving me the come-on-u-can-do-it-it's-the-last-km! look. What happened to his painful toes?! Where did all the new energy come from?! Because of his painful toe, I slowed down and waited for him for like 8km, and now he's pushing me way beyond my limit at the final 1km?! I felt so... so... TIRED!!! My hands were getting numb and my legs didn't feel like they belonged to me anymore. Ouch!

As we reach the ending point - I see it I see it! I signalled to Alec to ask him to dash right ahead. Just go! Without me! But he didn't. This time, he gave me the come-on-u-can-do-it-it's-the-last-20m! look. I think Alec came in 1 second faster than me. WE DID IT!!! I can't believe it. The sense of accomplishment was just so overwhelming.

At the de-chip station - We were swelling with pride as we collected our medals! We saw the full marathoners collecting their exclusive black sports tee. Damn jealous. "Next year, we come and take the tee ok?" Alec smiled. What?! I thought he said he wanted to do 10km next year?

After the race - We met his mum and 2 bros at marina square. All of them completed the 10km race! His mum's knees were painful and his bros were energetic. No sweat for the boys man. Then we went to Sakae Sushi for a well-deserved lunch!

The rest of the day - Went to Alec's house after lunch. Alec slept for like 7 hrs and I watched 9 episodes of Full House. Full House was awww so so so nice and sweet, I didn't want to sleep at all! I was really hungry but I really didn't want to part with my Full House. And so comes the real sweet part...

Alec's very own Eggy Shrooms Noodles! It's honestly really really yummy!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Saturday, December 02, 2006


~ Vietnam Hanoi Training Trip Part 2 ~

*pants* I finally have the time to continue from where I left off!


Opps I was slamming my keyboard, bursting with laughter.

Alec's pics are damn funny can! I made him make all sorts of faces so I can refer to his pics for his respective reactions whatever mood I'm in when he's not around. My favourite is the ke lian look, which I seek solace in whenever i'm suffering from bloody constipation or menstrual cramp. Can u guess which pic it is?

eoowfiofioeu9eerqjkff LOLz. My poor keyboard.

Anyway, I was taking an SQ flight for the first time! I was really looking forward to my Super Mario World but I was rather disappointed that they can't save my progress. =( Then I realised they had movies and I watched The Devil Wears Prada on the departure flight and Lake House on my flight back. Lake House was really good! But I think my Full House is still better ;p

It was a 3.5hrs flight and I arrived at Hanoi at 3 plus (1 hr time difference). Checked in at Guoman Hanoi Hotel and I was beginning to appreciate the privacy I'll be enjoying! No I didn't knock on the door and neither did I check if the bible was open or closed. I just threw my luggage on the floor and started watching movies on tv. Then I got a little paranoid and fished out my book and mp3 player and my handphone, and tried to cramp all my entertainment at one time. I'm addicted to fatigue.

After a good rest, Logen and I went to recee the area to find out where the Singapore-Hanoi Training Centre was and the time required to walk there. The traffic was terrible! 90% of the vehicles were motorbikes and it's quite unthinkable for anyone above 16 yrs of age not to have a bike license. There was virtually no traffic rule, and all vehicles continued to move when the light turned red. It was as though all the traffic lights were not working. It's perfectly normal for you to be stranded in the middle of the road as you're making a right turn at a big junction. Of course nobody bothered to stop when we were helplessly waiting to cross at all pedestrian crossings.

We had dinner at Saigon Hotel and the food was so-so. Bought some peaches and went back to hotel to prepare for Day 1 of training!

The omelette at Guoman was really yummy which gave a good start to Day 1! We were only given the biodata of the participants when we arrived at the training centre in the morning. There were 20 participants and their designations ranged from Executives to Lecturers, Managers and Vice Director. LECTURERS AND VICE DIRECTOR. My eyes almost popped out. They must have had a wealth of experience in training and work. I was hoping desperately that they would like (or at least believe?) the things that a sweet little 24-yr-old had to offer. The first secretary from MFA popped by to give an official opening to the program, which did I mention? is called the Public Administration Program. Well basically, we were sharing with them stories of how Singapore transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a modern city that we're living in today.

I started Day 1 with a standard ice-breaker activity and I must say the Vietnamese participants are very different from Singaporeans in many many ways. Initally, they were very reserved and appeared apprehensive when they were told to move around to get to know their fellow colleagues from other ministries. As they opened up to the trainers and made friends with the other participants, they were extremely warm and very open in sharing about their experience in Vietnam and how they would apply what they've learnt. They were really appreciative, attentive and omg, patriotic! Being public officers is really their way of serving the country and I don't think they really mind if the job pays well. It's perfectly normal and legal to moonlight after work, to supplement your income. And can I add that their working hrs are from 730am to 4pm, with a 2-hr lunch break in between? They need a long break because some of them go back home to cook lunch for their kids, and most of them catch a nap during lunch. No wonder they have good complexion.

To be continued...

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Full House - I think I.. Awww...

I think I...

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


~ Vietnam Hanoi Training Trip ~

Dearest Diary,

Haven't had the chance to blog at all cos I've been swamped by work, tuition, spa, movies, jogging and... gosh the list goes on and on. Well let's just take today for instance. Went to Touche with Jie for a 2hr plus rejuvenating spa session, and then met Alec to catch The Prestige! I was so looking forward to The Prestige and I had to delibrately make time for it cos my schedule is horribly packed from 8:30am to 9:00pm all the way till Thurs! And guess what's happening on Friday? I'm leaving for Jiu Zhai Gou!

My mum calls the place Jiu Cai Gou and Alec calls it Jiu Sai Gou. -_-" Damn funny.

I'm so looking forward to the scenery, snow, taking photos in winter wear (which Aunt Amy has very generously lent me), and please please, I really hope they'll throw in some shopping! I'm bloody deprived. On the other hand, I'm really not looking forward to the 3-6 hr bus rides, toilet cubicles without doors and with shit all over the floor, and the tipping culture - it makes me feel so.... illegal.

Anyway, I was going to elaborate more about The Prestige. It was really good! Good enough for me to blog about which means it's worth a watch definitely. I will give it a 4.5/5. Enjoyable, engaging and clever. Clever in the sense that the plot was cleverly crafted (and The Smart Alec was clever enough to see through it). That impressed me a liiittle. But then again, if you're really that clever to see through the clever plot right from the start, then you wouldn't think that the plot was clever afterall, and probably wouldn't find the show enjoyable.

Let me tell you ALL ABOUT MY Vietnam Trip!!!

Day 1
Alec and Logen met for the first time at the airport. Alec thought it was quite safe to leave me in Logen's care for the week cos (he said) Logen looked like a harmless Mama shop uncle (can someone pls not
tell Logen that? And guess what, Logen gave me some Deepavali crackers and wrapped them like kachamputeh the other day. I was trying real hard not to laugh. The crackers were yummy by the way).

OK, on top of the excitement and anticipation, I have to admit that I was quite worried and scared. This is afterall my very first time travelling alone. No Alec to carry my shopping bags. No parents to constantly remind me to drink loads of water. No Stephy to tell me whether I look fat in a dress. Gosh it's scary, isn't it?

And to make matters worse, I was staying in a single room. All by myself. Damn scared. Scared of strange encounters. Scared of bad guys. Scared of insects. Scared of boredom (no cable tv how?!). Told a couple of colleagues about my fears and here's a summary of what they proposed (they were only keen to provide advice on the strange encounters part):
- knock on the door 3 times before you enter - the rationale: always assume 'someone' is living in there, on a permanent basis
- once you're safely in there, talk to yourself silently "Sorry to disturb, but I borrow your room for a few days ok...."
- check to see if the bible is closed. if it's open, request for a change of room
- open all drawers and cabinets

Just blogging about it makes my hair stand. Can you imagine how freaked out I'll be at the end of it all?

I managed to convince Alec of the importance of having an interesting book in case I feel bored on the plane or in the hotel. So we bought this at the airport!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

To be continued...

Photos can be found HERE!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Goodbye Grandma...

Dearest Diary,

Sniffs... Grandma passed away last Thursday. All of us went to Layang Layang to pay her our last respect. It has been donkey years since my last visit. Couldn't recognise most of my cousins and almost forgot all about the dog, Lucky, whom Alec says looks exactly like Scooby Doo.

Dad reminded us to bring the camera, which made sis and I really uncomfortable. For what, right?! For memories he said. OK, that we will never understand. Or so we thought. When we arrived, all my aunties and uncles were equipped with cameras and camera phones. Totally Shocked. Everyone was really taking shots of almost all the funeral processions. I think sis and I were the only beings who thought that was totally weird. We kept asking each other - would they seriously look back at the photos and reminisce about it? What will they talk about when they're doing that? We kept giving each other the Duh and totally bewildered look.

But of course we joined in nevertheless.

This is the kitchen I want to remember. Very old and dirty but I like the kampung flavour.

It was Saturday evening. Everyone crowded around the porch to look at some highly skilled men build 2 sand-dragons. Very very impressed. Who would have thought building sand castles can translate into a promising job opportunity in Malaysia? The 2 dragons actually came to live at night. The undertakers and my cousins played out an act - there was a script and dialogue, and the actors ran around and across the dragons to overcome hurdles. There were even dangerous scenes where the dragon body burst into flames as the undertaker jumped across it. Everyone had that on video. Then came a part when all of us had to search for the coins in the sand. There was RM$150 worth of coins up for grabs. Mom said the act was meant to signify a story where a daughter saved her mother - the coins symbolised the mother's remains I guess.

Even the rooster is loyal. It is allowed to roam freely and somehow, always returns at the end of the day.

Things I remember about my grandma... How she would hold and smell my hand when she says goodbye... Dried Coco... Chicken Drumstick... Her flowery tops... Her smelly hair spray... How she calls me jian2 jian1... She'll always remain in our hearts.. =`)

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dearest Diary,

The Second Pig
Guess what? I bought a SECOND PIG!!! LOLz.

OK. It's getting a bit out of hand here.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was chatting with Alec on MSN that night and after professing all my love for the wonderful pig, I asked Alec how much he was willing to pay for that beautiful pig.

I think he said $50 on the first try.

And when I explained further that the pig is really exclusive with supernatural powers, he upped it to $100.

He had no idea that my sis bought it for $19.90.


The new Sony Ericsson K800i
I was so very happy with my pigs, I decided it was a good day to buy my phone. I bought a Sony Ericsson K800i! Totally happy with it man! The cyber shot is GOOOOD. I like RADIIO. And the notes on standby function is great for senile persons like meee.

Helped out at the Istana dinner! Our legs were really aching like mad at the end of the day. Here's my new pretty and caring friend, Li Lin! Met many other girls like her throughout the S2006 stint. Totally enjoyed myself. Every single one of the girls there have the same profile- super outgoing and all of us hit it off like old friends from Day 1. Amazing!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Vietnam Trip
I'm leaving for Vietnam on the 8th! That's like less than 2 weeks from now. So exciiiting! Went for my vaccination on Saturday and since the vaccination was paid for, I took all the jabs that the doctor recommended. After 3 painful thyphoid, Hep A and Influenza Jabs, and after buying the Malaria pills, she told me about the SIDE EFFECTS.
Depression, forgetfulness, confusion, anxiety, vivid dreams, nightmares, giddiness, pus at the wound, mood swings, headache, vomitting, convulsions, hallucinations, and so on....


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Thursday, September 14, 2006


~My Lovely Samsoon - Featuring San Shi the Piggy!!!~


Dearest Diary,
I'm so so so obsessed with the piggy in My Lovely Samsoon! His name is San Shi. And he's seated on the SOFA IN MY HOUSE!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See the angel wings on his chest? He can really make all your wishes come true! Just have to remember to talk to him often and promise him good food. Oh and it helps if you sometimes take the effort to kick him around, abuse him and dump him in the rubbish chute.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Here's how he looks like when he is all serious and gets down to business. He has politely borrowed my specs and my mum's chopsticks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love San Shi!!!

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Friday, September 08, 2006


My Lovely Sam Soon / SLO S2006 !!!

Dearest Diary,

Right, I've decided on a different approach towards writing my blog because I haven't been writing my physical diary for almost a year. My poor diary.

There was a point in time during secondary school when I got so absorbed into the Diary of Anne Frank, I started to call my diary Kelly - a spinoff from Kitty. And then eventually, I kinda forgot and called my diary the conventional name again.

Anyways, it has been a really really long time since I've written to you, Diary, cos life has been really really happening. You know, the usual ups and downs. Let me start with the DOWNs. Bloody bloody hell. I think I need to practise more yoga and meditate more. I've been getting really short-tempered these days. Even my dad has started to attempt to counsel me. But you seriously will emphatise with me after hearing about my plight.

OK I've got to start with one UP first cos that leads to the DOWNs.

UP no. 1 - Yay! I've got my singnet broadband.
Finally!!! Yippeee! I've been living under the rocks using the stupid dialup connection.

Down no. 1 - I love my computer.
It almost died in my arms. You'll never know how much you appreciated something until you lose it.

Couldn't install the stupid broadband modem. I don't have a LAN port. Grr. Went to exchange for a modem with USB port. End up dad forgot to bring the cd-rom (despite him reminding himself ten times the day before) so there was more delay. Brought home the USB modem and still couldn't work. When it finally worked, my comp kena virus. In my fit of anger, i reinstalled windows. The whole OS started becoming very unstable and refused to start up. Took out the hard disk and the cable snapped. Well done. Went to Sim Lim, bought new cable and (might as well) bought a new hard disk and dvd burner. Really grateful to Alec's buddy, Jingyao, who helped me fix everything. The comp was finally working! - at Jingyao's place. When I started it at home, it started hanging again. I dieded for 10 whole seconds. Then after like 20 startups, it started working on and off. *fingers crossed*

Up no. 2 - Sony Ericsson M600i!

Ta DA!!! My all new phone. Alec bought it for ME!!! Like I said, he could have been really wealthy if he hadn't met me. But then again, he is already the richest man in the world - his girl looks a million dollars. *smirks* Anyways, the phone is really really pretty! It was love at first sight when we saw the phone at Bangkok back in June. Damn chio! I love pure white phones. And the layout is really cool and neat. The best thing is, the aqua blue matches my specs perfectly. Aww. But the phone has got NO camera. That's unthinkable for a blogger. Probably one of the reasons for the lack of updates too. I can't really blog without pictures. Which is why I'm contemplating between a K800i and an N73 now. Poor Alec - literally.

Down no. 2 - A day later, the LCD screen of my favourite K750i CRACKED
My K750i got so mad at me for my sudden change of heart, he decided to take it upon himself and disfigured his pretty face. Sobz. Brought it to Sony Ericsson and we got really really pissed with the old and ugly Indian CSO. She was horribly sarcastic and rude. And I cannot stand her irritating tone when she called me Ma'aaaam. I filed my angry feedback. Hmpf. Alec's advice - never offend a woman. Jane's add-on - especially a seemingly pretty and demure looking one.

Down no. 3 - One week later, my home cordless phone SPOILT.
No sound at all. Grr grr grr.

Up no. 3 - I've got a brand new source of MOTIVATION

My Lovely Samsoon!!!

The show is aww sooo sweeeeet!!! Really hilarious too. It has replaced Long Vacation to be my favourite favourite show of all times! Not because of the guy lar. I think I still prefer Kimura Takuya in Long Vacation and Zhang He in Bright Girl's Success. Though the guy in Samsoon is quite cute.. the girl really outshines the guy in this show! The best takeaway from this story is that you can be fat, old, average-looking and san ba , and you can still get a handsome, young, cute and loving prince-charming who is horribly in love with you! There is hope ladies. There is hope! Oh yes, and the show emphasises on being honest. True to yourself. And well, if you love someone, just go for it. Why complicate matters. Alec has taught me a similar lesson before.

Speaking of Alec, gosh. I feel like crying. I left my fruits and Sam Soon vcds at his mum's place on Wed. I forgot to bring them home and started squealing and sulked all the way home cos I wanted to watch my lovely sam soon so badly. It was 1045pm. Then I walked ard the hse, talked to my mum and did yoga. Charged my fainted phone and then it rang at 1145pm. It was Alec. In his sweetest sweetest voice, he asked me what I was doing. My room was dark and my phone wasn't on, so he thought I was bathing. He had been waiting outside my door all this while. He had gone back to his mum's place to take my vcds! Gosh I felt so guilty. Then I asked him if he waited for long. Apparantly, he waited for quite a while but he quickly flashed a wide smile and said it was ok cos he was sitting at the stairs reading my "wo bao" chinese papers which was in the bag of fruits and vcds. Sniff. OK, his mum's place is only 3 mins drive + 5 mins walk away but which guy will do that for me after knowing me inside out for 5 years? I am still his precious precious gem after 5 whole years. How can I learn to love him like the way he loves me???

Up no. 4 - S2006 is happening next week!

I've been volunteered to be a Spouse Liaison Officer. Which means I'll be accompanying the Spouse of a Finance Minister or Central Bank Governer. I'm both excited and apprehensive! I hope I get a really nice and pleasant spouse. We've been attending loads of training, briefings and loaded with food and more good food. We were brought around Esplanade, Chinatown, Arab Street and Little Indian. And we had an exercise prelude at the Istana and Airport. The Airport simulation was particularly funny because there were real passengers walking though the aerobridge and they looked pleasantly bewildered with so many of us welcoming them. Haha!

Up no. 5 - I'm going to Vietnam next month!

It's a working trip really - To conduct training on Public Admin Reforms. That is, to share with the Vietnamese Public Officers about Singapore's public sector initaitives, reforms, commitment towards service excellence, innovation, WITs and so on. Yup, diary, training will definitely be quite stressful but I'll make it fun! I hope there are enough shops to keep me occupied! Heh

Up no. 6 - I'm going to China!

It's a holiday with my parents to Jiu Zhai Gou for 10 days in November! Yah will be the scenic scenic kind. And there'll be lots of uncles and aunties. But it's a good break and it's freaking cheap! $700 plus inclusive of all meals, lodging, airfare and taxes! Silkair sumore. Slurpz. I read up a bit lately and now I'm really looking forward to the breath taking views at the legendary fairyland where the waters are said to be really colourful like rainbows...!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


~ My All New COACH BAG!!! ~


I walked into the Coach Boutique @ Raffles City yesterday evening, fell horribly IN LOVE with a Coach Bag and bought it.


Oh mi gosh. It's so pretty... I feel like crying! =`)

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Saturday, August 05, 2006


~ Sentosa Revisted! ~

Can you believe it? I actually took one day leave to go to Sentosa last Thursday. Not that the destination warrant my leave but rather, the person whom I went with was worth every minute of my time =))

Alec and I went to Teck Whye to have our favourite prawn noodles before we finally reached Sentosa at 2pm. We were planning to go cycling! It was BLOODY BLOODY SCORCHING HOT.

AND that guy refused to carry an umbrella. I knew it. HE DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE. I tried to explain that it'll juust take 5 mins of sun to destroy my 5 years worth of whitening efforts. But he wasn't convinced and told me we would be a laughing stock if we were seen carrying an umbrella in SENTOSA. Since when did the opinion of others matter?! And when I pointed out some aunties who were carrying umbrellas, he (correctly) rebutted that they were from China. What can I say. Fortunately, I slapped on layers of makeup on my face. They've got really good SPF but my pimples kind of multiplied at the end of the day. Stupid Alec. Grr.

We took the sky ride and I'll say it was rather nice, though not challenging at all. Alec decided to give the Luge Ride a miss because he refused to wear the stinky helmets. Well, if you think about the hot sun and all the sweaty gooey hair, you can probably understand why.

Scenic View coupled with Flawless complexion.

And because that guy is anti-umbrella, I am in the mood to SABO him.

Dirty spots of moustache and ugly match-maker pimple. Which gf will waste so much time to photoshop away their bf's flaws u tell me. I love him MORE. Wails.

After the sky ride, we went for a romantic walk along the beach. And that was when I spotted THE MAN OF MY DREAMS!!! A handsome lifeguard with firm abs, perfect set of teeth and stylo milo hair. I made alec take a picture of us!

And the ice cream man who looked so down-to-earth. Simply irresistable!!!

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Monday, July 10, 2006


~ Shoes Unlimited! ~

I just bought a new Cabinet to house all my SHOES!!!

I did a count of the numerous pairs of shoes (only the active ones) I own...

and it amounts to...

30+ pairs of heels and around 10 pairs of slippers and sports wear.

What?! Just 40 in total??! Quite disappointing... According to my dad, I own an impressive collection of them. But how can 40 pairs amount to a collection? I need at least 100 right? Oh dear. I smell the need to return to BKK for the 4th time this year.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006


~ My Driving Licence!!! ~

I cannot believe I am a licensed driver. And neither can Alec. Nor can my Dad (initially). Or Alec's mum. Or anyone who has or has not seen me driving. That's probably the reason why I took so long to blog about me

I am absolutely overjoyed. I no longer have to listen to my instructor's nagging and scolding (though i sometimes miss them cos I'm totally lost without a guiding voice), waste precious leisure time on driving lessons, spend exorbidant sums of money on driving lessons and test, drain myself physically, emotionally and mentally just to prepare for the stupid test.

And I mean really really stupid. I seriously don't understand why the poles are placed at the lots in the circuits when they are never around to guide u in real life?? What's the use of the practical test when it's not practical? Now I have to relearn all my parking and subject myself to Alec's scolding and eyes-rolling. AND I have to pretend to be damn demure, or we'll end up pulling each other's hair. And it's not as if we have lots of hair to begin with. Da bian.

Anyway, can u see the tears welling up my eyes in the photo? Oh man this is so embarrasing. *evil laugh*

After Waraku restaurant last night, we went to Kbox @ Marina Square and sang from 12am - 4am! This is seriously the latest or earliest Ktv i've been to so far! Quite an experience. Just 4 of us but we were given this humongous VIP room, probably cos I'm a semi-VIP @ Kbox! I think it will take a person about 10 minutes to roll all over, and cover every inch of the room. It's That HUGE!

At 4 am, I drove Alec home. I DROVE. At 4am. It was my very first attempt at driving on the expressway. And I had to do it at 4am. Damn FUUUUN!!! I love driving! Alec went drinking with his friends and he was all groggy and sleepy. But he was so nervous abt his beloved car and the clumsy driver beside him, he didn't even dare blink throughout the entire car ride. So cute. I gave Alec a super booster when I said his drunk judgement is even better than my normal judgement.

Oh and I've got to blog about my VERY FIRST experience driving Alec's car! Super happening. I drove from yishun to hougang via the small winding road after yishun dam near Seletar airport. It's like those Initial D kind of road! I was travelling at about 40km/h and because it's a long single lane road, 4-5 cars were tail-gating me. Never mind. Steady eh.

Then I reached this critical sharp left turn that is on a terribly steep slope. Breathe. Alec told me to engage first gear. Then I started to fumble. And horror of all horrors, the engine stalled in the middle of the slope. Yes, with all 4-5 cars still tail-gating behind me. And to make matters worse, I was going way too fast for the sharp turn and I ended up making an ultra wide turn and my car was right smack in the middle of 2 to-and-fro lanes. Which means I was blocking the traffic from the opposite direction too. I looked up and to my horror, there was a never-ending stretch of vehicles waiting for me and that included some long vehicles, a queer-looking biker and of course many many cars, just to mention a few. In a heroic fashion, Alec pulled the handbrake and asked me not to panic. Then he asked me if I knew what I should do. I replied a loud 'YES!!' confidently! I quickly recalled what my instructor taught me, I carefully released a bit of the clutch, stepped on the accelerator, and released the brake. Then the engine stalled for a SECOND Time. OK.. Not very steady already. Again, in a heroic fashion, Alec pulled up the handbrake. He looked exasperated. And his face was discolourised. In short, he didn't look very healthy at that point in time. Thankfully, the car moved off on the third try! There was a minor minor glitch though- I stepped too hard on the accelerator and the wheels were spinning wildly before the whole car flew up the slope. *beams* As Alec would have put it, that was a lot of experience points I gained there. LEvel UP!!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


~ Play dough or Wasabi??? ~

Play dough!!! That's my latest craze of the month! I should have discovered such a cool avenue to showcase my creativity earlier. Poor little Ebenezer, I was hoarding the whole set of stuff for hours. If you still can't make out what the above delicacies are, then I'll be really heart broken cos you'd have wasted my many hours of hard work! I'm seriously swelling with pride now.

Top (From Left): Tamago sushi, prawn sushi, triangular whatever-you-call-it sushi, salmon sushi
Bottom: Fish egg sushi and Squid sushi
Right: Wasabi in the shape of a leaf! & a super tiny pair of chopsticks!

Have u ever ever seen wasabi in the shape of a leaf?! That's so thoughtful, so jap! Oh man this is making me hungry.

Went to the Waraku Japanese Restaurant for dinner with my colleagues yesterday. The food is really nice! And the ambience is great and cosy. My colleague asked for Wasabi and TO MY HORROR,

This is REAL WASABI. I aboslutely cannot believe this is happening. Anyway, it's SoooOOO CUUUTTTEEE!!! I was admiring it the entire night!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


~MY VERY OWN Coach Bumblebee Hobo!!!~

TA DA!!!

Now this is THE legendary Coach Bag I've been drooling over!!! YIPPPPIIIIIEEEEEE!!! It's so damn PRETTY!!! The fabric is a pure creamy luscious white, the Cs are all bright and reflective, the bumblebee is disgustingly cute and unique, I love the details they put into the plastic wings of the bee, and the diamond on the bee's head is oh so elegant and and... oh oh gosh I'm going to hyperventilate. It's PERFECT!

OK Except for the size. I was expecting it to be a liiiiittle more roomy.. And maybe the receipt. I would have preferred a receipt to be 101% sure of it's authenticity... But other than that, it's PERFECT!!!

Judging from the way things are going, my boss is like damn right. The Gucci wallet marked the BEGINNING. Of a never-ending money squandering spell. On well-marketed, ostentatious and seemingly harmless looking goods. Priced at out-of-this-world exorbidant prices.

But it's still a bloody good buy and it has to be true cos even The MEN say so!?!

DAD: where's the bag? Har?! The box so beeeg and the bag is so small?! Erm... hmmm nice! this design not sold in Singapore? So u're the only person in Singapore who carries this? Woah good! Unique what.

Alec: You're carrying the bumblebeeee baaaag!!! Err.. so small only? Yes! The diamond is nice! Yes I see the serial number. Eeeks yes the plastic wings are damn cuuute!


Sis: Woah I'll never spend so much money on a white bag but I must say it's really nice. Agree. I've never exactly seen a designer bag that is so cute!!!

I was sooo soo excited, I carried the bag to an Indian wedding the very next day!!! I was really worried it might be stained with curry. Speaking about Indian weddings, it was the very first time I attended one so it was Double the EXcitement! It is compulsory to carry out a comprehensive research every time I step into unknown territory and this was no exception. Here's a documentation of what I gathered.

  • Token / Ang Pow range from $30-50 per pax, depending on venue
  • It's acceptable to place the money in a chinese red packet
  • There's no need to dress up really formally. Jeans is fine.
  • It's usually a buffet spread
  • But there is a stipulated start time for the buffet (unlike Muslim weddings)
  • The buffet started 1 hour later than the time that was stated (which was great cos being chinese, we were late for 50 mins)
  • 80% of the food was spicy
  • Tamil song performance really did help to literally spice things up

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